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We will go the extra mile.


You are anxious about going to the doctor and you put it off until you are really concerned. You arrive in an overfull waiting room, interact with a brusque staff, and then wait overly long in the waiting room. When your turn with the doctor comes, he/she is frazzled and in a hurry to catch up. A fraction of your concerns are addressed superficially.
It’s Friday and your child needs to be seen today for fever you know will keep them up all weekend. You call your doctor’s office and they cannot see her until Monday. All of the Salida offices are full. You desperately do not want to pay for an ER visit. In the end, you drive forty minutes in heavy snow to Leadville to see the physician assistant, spending the extra money to be seen as a new patient.
You schedule your appointment months in advance, and you show up early, only to find out that your insurance appears to have made a mistake and you are currently self-insured. Do you pay cash today to be seen or return another day after the mistake is cleared up?
You saw your doctor a year ago and the hospital is just now sending you bills for labs, ultrasound, and pap smears. One visit generates five separate bills. You sort through your EOB’s and your calendar, trying to remember just what happened at your appointment a year ago.
You have a medical problem that is both concerning and embarrassing for you. You call to schedule an appointment, and you have to explain to a receptionist why you want to be seen. A different receptionist calls you several weeks later, needing to reschedule your appointment for “x concern.” When you finally have your appointment, the nurse wants to know why you are being seen. By the end of your visit, you have had to discuss this very private matter with four different people.
You are a full-time RV’er. Under the demands of old-fashioned medicine, you are not able to get your medicines refilled unless you see a provider in person, resulting in a lot of urgent care visits as you travel across the country. If only there was a way to stay with one physician but communicate with them throughout the year while you are on the road.
You lost your insurance. There’s seems to be only two options–have insurance or go without and avoid getting any healthcare. Now, there is a different option. Pay just $720 a year for an adult under age 65 for unlimited visits and cell phone/text/email contact with your doctor. A budgetable, predictable expense for the unpredictable nature of health. Coupling this with a catastrophic plan provides the best protection against unforeseen need for surgery, ER, specialists, and imaging.
You spend half the year in southern Arizona, but no doctors down there will accept your insurance. Keep your summer doctor at Peace of Mind Medical Care and have access to medical care year-round without the need to be physically in Colorado.
You have been forced to a high-deductible medical insurance because the cost of insurance just keeps going up so high, so fast. With a $7000 deductible, getting any actual care paid by your insurance until you have a major accident is impossible. How do you budget for an unknown year of flu, allergies, and lacerations? For just $720 a year for an adult under age 65, you can get unlimited contact with your physician in person or by phone/text/email.

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