1 in 3 people in our county do not have access to affordable care.

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We get it. 13% of our county is uninsured, and an additional ~19% is on a non-group plan, paying a fortune for insurance that has a $7000 deductible, such that 31% of the county really does not have access to affordable care. This is not readily known to healthcare agencies in the county. The assumption is that nearly everyone is well-insured. 1 in 3 in our county are treated as second-class citizens with reduced access to care.

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“87.4% of the population of Chaffee County, CO has health coverage, with 32.3% on employee plans, 15% on Medicaid, 20% on Medicare, 18.6% on non-group plans, and 1.46% on military or VA plans.

Per capita personal health care spending in the county of Chaffee County, CO was $6,804 in 2014. This is a 5.13% increase from the previous year ($6,472).”


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